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Skiing Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Skiing Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Vice President of The Backpacker, Tyler Hicks, shares about his family's recent ski trip to Steamboat Springs, CO. and some insights on how to make your next ski trip great!

Why did you choose this place?

A: Michael and Margo introduced us to it 8 years ago after attending a trade show in Denver, and we got hooked on the charm and convenience and have taken our family back 4 more times since.

Q: Did you use a website or other resource to help you plan your trip?

A: The Backpacker Tours crew took care of everything for us, as usual! Every step of the way was seamless and it's really satisfying to hear "your reservation is right here and you're all set" from the airport, to the shuttle, ski rentals, and our condo because everything is taken care of start to finish.

Q: What gear was on your checklist to bring with you?

A: As always, we brought everything on the Skier’s Checklist down to our swimsuits for the hot tub! I also bring an extra checklist home with me and pack it away in my bag as a reminder what to pack back up at the end of our stay.

Q: Did anything about your adventure surprise you?

A: No.  We had a blast, but we love going back to Steamboat because we know we can count on great service from everyone from our ski rentals fitters, to the Steamboat Ski School instructors, to our waiters and hosts at the village restaurants.  We like to save our surprises for each new run we taken on.

Q: Was there a particular moment of excitement or danger that made this a true adventure?

A: Unfortunately, after 4 injury free trips, Sarah tore her ACL on a steep, icy blue at the top of the mountain.  She put her skis back on and made it to the bottom of that run and then we both took our skis off and tried to hike down the next really steep run but finally had to give in and flag down ski patrol.  Sarah got to take her first ride in the ski patrol sled!

On a lighter note, I completed a personal goal of tackling “No Names” one of the XX runs you have to hike about 100 yards at the top of the mountain to access.  I completed my first XX runs last year so it was satisfying to take it on with a lot more confidence and a lot less terror! I also had another great turn down Steamboat’s world-famous “Closets” tree run!

Q: What was your favorite part of your adventure?

A: Enjoying a free beer from a random stranger at Slopeside Grill while watching Joe Burrow win his first NFL playoffs game after spending the morning tackling all the runs I had highlighted on the map as goals for myself. Everything seems a little better at high altitude after a perfect morning of skiing!

Q: What gear was absolutely essential to help you love your adventure?

A: I switched to mitts for the first time this trip and my The North Face Montana Futurelight mitts kept my fingers warm and I never regretted not having gloves.

Q: What gear do you wish you had brought?

A: I forgot our Theragun!  It was a game changer for feeling less sore on day 2 of our last trip.

Q: Would you have done anything differently?

A: Sarah and I would have stayed away from Buddy’s Run like her ski instructor warned us!

Q: What would you tell a friend about your adventure before they do it themselves?

A: TAKE LESSONS! If you want level up from wherever your current abilities are.  The instructors are always so nice and patient and Ive never heard anyone not sound really grateful they took them.

Also, if you have any questions about your own trip, please just ask one of our team members! We love helping get you started and sharing our favorite gear and tips.