Louisiana's Best Kept Fall Fishing Secret -  BCKFC's

Louisiana's Best Kept Fall Fishing Secret - BCKFC's "Fall N Tide" Kaya

Often overlooked by football and other Fall events, October offers some of the consistently best fishing in South Louisiana. As the temperature cools, fish move in-shore to the warmer waters of shallow marshes all over the Louisiana coast from Delacroix to Point-Aux-Chenes creating an epic bite known by anglers from all over.
Kayak Fishing in Louisiana Marsh at Fall n Tide
For the past 15 years, this has been the setting of the Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club's "Fall n Tide" kayak fishing tournament. Registered anglers can fish any waters of Grand Isle, Plaquemines, and LaFourche parishes with either a pedal or paddle powered kayak. Try to land the biggest combination of a single Redfish, Trout, and Flounder - called a "Grand Slam"! Awards and recognition are also given to largest single species in Men's, Women's, and Kids' categories - it's fun for the whole family!

The winner takes home a new kayak, a trophy and the reputation of one of South Louisiana's best kayak anglers!

The victor of Fall n Tide takes home a Hobie kayak!

The Backpacker and Hobie have teamed up to provide the first place prize for the past 17 years and this year's top prize is a 2022 Camo Hobie Mirage Outback! 2nd and 3rd place winners will take home The Backpacker gift cards.

Fall N Tide 2022 Prizes

Owner of The Backpacker, Michael Mathews, shows off his latest catch!
Fall N Tide participates line up to weight their fish.
Submitted fish are measured.
Caught fish are kept for the fish fry.
The Backpacker Owner, Michael Mathews, helps announce the results of Fall N Tide.

If you're ready to test your skills against some of South Louisiana's best kayak anglers or just want to learn how to join the BCKFC kayak fishing community, technical details on the tournament can be found at the BCKFC website and members of BCKFC love to share their favorite tips and gear recommendations on their Facebook group. Or, contact The Backpacker and we'd love to share our favorite kayaks and gear to get you ready to fish Fall n Tide!

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