Backpacker Ski Week in Snowmass, CO.

Backpacker Ski Week in Snowmass, CO.

Backpacker Tours Assistant Ski Trip Director, Laney Thomson, shares about her first Backpacker Ski Week experience to Snowmass, CO. over Mardi Gras, and what is was like to travel on the charter flight.

Q. Why did you choose this place?

A. I didn't really choose the place, it’s my job (amazing right?), but Snowmass could not have been any better for me. I could now see first hand why our customers love it so much. Not only was the skiing some of the best, but so was the atmosphere, people and weather. I wouldn't want to travel and ski any other way or with any other group. Our Backpacker Tours customers are really some of the best ever.

Q. Did you use a website or other resource to help you plan your trip?

A. Since I planned all the trips with Caroline, I had a good idea of what the trip was going to be like. Now that I've gone, I have a better understanding of the area and what makes Snowmass so special.

Q. What was it like flying on a charter flight?

A. Flying is stressful. I could not believe how quick and easy it was to travel this way. The charter made everything seamless and fun, plus everyone on the flight with you is a friendly travel companion! 

Q. What gear was on your checklist to bring with you?

A. I already had a lot of my own gear when I started working with Backpacker Tours, but I found that there were some items on the Skier’s Checklist that I still needed or wanted to try. I got my hands on a pair of Hestra Mittens and my hands weren't cold once. They were really the best. I also loved sporting my new Fera Kate Jacket. I love the length, style and quality of it!

Q. Did anything about your adventure surprise you?

A. All those bluebird days!! The skies were as blue as they could be all week long. You really couldn't beat the weather. I was also surprised at how many Louisiana people were in Snowmass. I don't think I could go anywhere without running into a Backpacker Tours traveler and it made the experience so much better.

Q. Was there a particular moment of excitement or danger that made this a true adventure?

A. Thank goodness nothing felt too dangerous. I did go down a pretty steep run that looked frightening, but once on it I realized I was capable! A good challenge is always fun.

Q. What was your favorite part of your adventure?

A. I really do have to say the people I went with! Skiing is a blast no matter what, but good people make the experience even better. I was so happy to head to Snowmass, CO. with such a fun and lively group. After working and planning for this trip, it was so much fun to ski and experience the mountain for the first time with Michael and Margo. 

- Here we stopped off at Ullrhof's for a snack before heading down Big Burn. -

Q. What gear was absolutely essential to help you love your adventure?

A. My Hestra Mittens, for sure!! Oh, and my Smartwool ski socks should get an honorable mention too. (:

Q. What gear do you wish you had brought?

A. I really think I had everything I needed. Thank goodness the Backpacker Team made sure of that.

Q. Would you have done anything differently?

A. Wear sunscreen the first day. Not sure what I was thinking, but there's nothing worse than a sunburn on the slopes. Other than that I wouldn't change a thing!

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