Ship Your Luggage Straight to Your Condo

Ship Your Luggage Straight to Your Condo

Personally I love shipping some or all of my luggage - The less my family and I have to deal with on travel days the better!


In today’s commercial travel aircrafts are closely tailored for more passengers with carry-on luggage, and less space for checked luggage.  Due to the nature of larger checked bags with ski travel, we have to be mindful of the space and weight we use to allow us to fit everyone’s luggage on the aircraft.


Why Ship Some or All of Your Luggage

  • It's convenient!  Get your packing done now, have it picked up at your home and waiting in your condo when you arrive in the mountains! 
  • It’s easy!  Get a UPS or FedEx Bag tag (as pictured above), secure it to your luggage, print your label, and send it on it’s way!  
  • Don’t waste your precious energy! Travelling in high altitude is already physically demanding. Don’t burn all of your energy on the first day having to muscle around duffle bags of boots and gear.  Have it waiting for you in your condo! 

When to Ship Your Luggage

  • Don’t wait until the last minute - For Mardi Gras I recommend shipping it no later than Monday February 18 for ground shipping.  This SHOULD allow it more than enough time to get there assuming any foreseeable shipping delays related to weather, etc.  (Refer to your choice of shipping provider for more accurate information)
  • The hotel or condo management will hold your packages for several days before your arrival.  Be sure to check with them to make sure it got there safely

How to Ship Your Luggage

  • UPS and FedEx both offer luggage shipping tags as pictured above that are designed to go on the outside of personal luggage - We have lots of these at the stores - Please request them from myself or Caroline and we can get you any amount you need.  
  • Secure your luggage zippers and openings with zip ties or locks before shipping so that they do not open.  
  • When I make my outgoing shipping labels I like to make my return labels as well. I store the return labels along with extra zip ties and luggage tags in the luggage so that all I have to do on my way home is drop them with the receptionist at the property to add to their outgoing UPS or FedEx shipments. 

Where to Ship Your Luggage

  • If you would like to ship your luggage please contact me and I can send you the address and contact information