How to Book an Affordable Ski Trip

Ski and snowboard vacations are trips you and the family will never forget! However, we understand that there are many factors to consider when planning your next vacation. Backpacker Tours wants you to LOVE your next adventure! Our goal is to help you ski anytime, anywhere at the best price possible. The actual all-in cost of a ski trip varies dramatically based on when and where you ski, but it can become a rather expensive vacation if you don’t know how to get the best deals. Our experts will make sure that your next ski trip is stress-free and won’t break the bank- even at the top winter destinations.

1. Book Early: Don’t Sacrifice the Best Price

Booking early is your key to getting the best condos at the best rates. As the ski season draws closer, the pricing will go up and the ideal flight & condo options will disappear. This is especially important to note when wanting to book vacations on popular holidays such as New Years, Spring Break, or President’s Day Weekend. The further out you plan, the better deal you’ll get. This price increase does not only apply to condos as lift tickets also increase as time goes on. You might think that if you delay then you can get last minute deals, but you’ll have to pay in full and will be left to choose from the leftover packages. Remember, the early bird gets the worm!

2. Be Flexible When Planning

Having a flexible schedule enhances your chances at the best deals. Consider the timing of your visit for slower times of the season. January is typically the least expensive time of the year, so keep that in mind when picking your vacation dates. Timing is everything! You can also plan to ski mid-week as there will be better deals and less crowds. The same applies for booking in smaller mountain towns. For every larger resort like Vail and Park City, there are smaller mountains worth researching for deals. Some of these smaller resorts will have just as good if even better quality at a better price than the big named resorts. Who doesn’t love to save some money!

3. Max Out Your Condo

No need to book larger condos than needed! To get the most out of your stay we recommend booking a condo with the max capacity the same size as your family or group. Don't be afraid to call your best friends to split a condo for a week of fun, it will keep the kids super entertained too! Ski condos are meant for little ones to crash on the sofa. If you’d rather your own space, don't hesitate to put your family of 4 into a 1 BR condo either- the kids are going to be so exhausted after a fun day of skiing they won't care where they sleep!

4. Book Everything AT ONCE

Planning your ski trip all at once eliminates stress and additional fees. Nothing hurts more than paying double for something because you didn’t know how to plan for it in advance. This is especially important when it comes to lift tickets & ski lessons. Waiting to buy them does not make the prices go down. This also applies for airfare. Remember to be sure and read the fine print before booking because the prices may look cheap, but the airlines will find little ways to charge you. If you book the essential package with us, we can take care of your accommodations while you can use points or Flyer Miles to get a good deal on flights. By being proactive and booking everything all at once, you are saving a ton of money. Besides, you can use those savings for more important things like a round of cocktails or late-night bites!

5. Ski In/Ski Out is a Luxury – Not a Necessity

Just because your friends are staying ski in/ski out does not mean you have to. There are tons of great options that are a short walk or shuttle ride away from the slopes. I have had plenty of fantastic trips (with big savings) staying in condos that have amazing on-call drivers to take you to and from the ski
area. It's so easy! We can help you find the perfect property at any budget.