Team Backpacker - 2023 Winter Adventures

Team Backpacker - 2023 Winter Adventures

This past January, members of Team Backpacker adventured out west to do some skiing in Colorado!

Steamboat, Colorado

The Backpacker's Vice President, Tyler Hicks, booked a trip through Backpacker Tours to Steamboat. Tyler and his family helped celebrate the 60th anniversary of the resort. His family enjoyed skiing, tubing and making snow angels!

Keystone, Colorado

Lafayette team members, Emilio, Gabe and Savannah, took a road trip to Keystone, Colorado and Great Sand Dunes National Park. Here's what they have shared about their adventure:

Why did you choose this place?

Emilio: For Skiing and snowboarding.

Gabe: Great opportunity through Backpacker Tours and first time hitting the
slopes, as well as my first national park experience

Savannah: For its awesome slopes and beautiful scenery

Did you use a website or other resource to help you plan your trip?

Emilio: Yes! I booked with Backpacker Tours.

Gabe: Backpacker Tours

Savannah: No

What gear was on your checklist to bring with you? 

Emilio: Ski pants, Ski jacket, Helmet, Goggles, Base Layers

Gabe: Ski Jacket, Ski Pants, Gloves, Socks, Base Layers, Helmet, Goggles,
Snow Boots, Hand+Toe Warmers

Savannah: Circe down obermeyer ski jacket, TNF apex ski pant, Smartwool 250 top and bottom, TNF Chilkat Lace boot, Smith liberty MIPS ski helmet, SMITH ALEK audio, SMITH 4D mag S goggles, Smart wool full cushion ski socks, Ski gloves, TNF & Smartwool beanies, hand/ foot warmers, Arc'teryx Mantis 2 waist pack, GoPro hero 10.

Did anything about your adventure surprise you?

Emilio: I was very happy with my ski level. I could do blues like no tomorrow.

Gabe: Altitude Sickness + taking 3 days to pickup on skiing

Savannah: I was surprised by the amount of snow on day two and by my ability to ski in the snow.  

What was your favorite part of your adventure?

Emilio: I love to Ski so I would say the skiing part was my favorite.

Gabe: Conquering a Blue slope on a whim on our last day. Only fell once
during the run because of a loose ski.

Savannah: My favorite part of this trip was getting to ski.  I was able to increase my skill level and do more challenging slopes.  


What gear was absolutely essential to help you love your adventure?

Emilio: My Baselayers and my helmet.

Gabe: Thick base layers and neck gaiters for the windy peaks

Savannah: A warm jacket and toe warmers, It gets cold up there! Also, not essential, but the Smith Aleck Audio was definitely my favorite non essential purchase.  I loved getting to listen to my music as I was skiing down and riding the chair lifts. 


What gear do you wish you had brought?

Emilio: More hand and toe warmers

Gabe: Glove liners and Balaclavas. Face and hands got cold on a very windy

Savannah: I wish I had brought a baklava, my head got cold and my neck gaiter kept falling.  I also wish I had gotten some new gloves, as the ones that I took were old and not a very good quality. 

Would you have done anything differently?

Emilio: stay somewhere with a personal hot tub and have gloves that keep my hands warm.

Gabe: Gotten up earlier to hit the slopes and maybe even flown , driving was
quite the task

Savannah: Even though the road trip is fun, I would probably fly to save on time.  Next time I would also go to a different resort, just to experience new slopes! 


What would you tell a friend about your adventure before they do it themselves?

Emilio: I Would tell them to prepare beforehand. You will need a lot of gear in order to ski and it is easy
to forget things. Use a checklist to help plan as well.

Skier's Checklist

Gabe: Pack plenty of layers for various weather conditions. Hydrate plenty

with hydration boosters and lots of water. Equip yourself with the
proper equipment to be safe on the mountain. PLENTY OF SOCKS

Savannah: I would tell them to not worry about your ski skill level and just to relax, because you will pick it up pretty quickly and if you are too stiff and nervous, it will be much harder to learn. I would also tell them to prepare for the cold! 

Please visit Backpacker Tours to plan your next ski trip and gear up at!