How to Fit a Pack

How to Fit a Pack

So, you need to figure out how to fit a pack for your next adventure. Well, you have come to the right place to help you identify and fit your next pack! The Backpacker has been Louisiana's pack experts since 1974 and our current collection includes customer favorites like Osprey, Gregory, Mystery Ranch, Cotopaxi, Patagonia, and The North Face.

When finding the right size pack for yourself there is one major topic to keep in mind; comfort is key! A well-fitted pack is going to help you feel more comfortable, use less energy, and maximize your packs capacity. Covering these bases will help you gain a life-long experience and build a true bond with your pack.   

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Step 1: Torso Length 

In this step you will need a measuring tape, a buddy, or a Backpacker Expert to help you find your C7 vertebrae and your Iliac Center a.k.a your torso length. Tilt your head forward to find the bone at the base of your next that is your C7 vertebrae (your measuring starting point). Tilt your head back up now find your Iliac Center; the center of your spine that aligns with the highest point on your hip bone (your measuring ending point). The distance between your C7 and Iliac Center is your torso length. 

Step 2: Pick a Pack 

Now, that we know what your torso length is, we can identify the pack size that will best fit you.

-extra small       14" - 16" 

-small                16" - 18" 

-medium            18" - 20"

-large                 20" - 22"

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Step 3: Try it on 

We recommend having at least 10-20 pounds in the pack. Make sure the top of the hipbelt is 1" above your Iliac crest shelf. The shoulder straps should wrap over your shoulders with about 3" below the top of your shoulders. If the shoulder straps start lower than 3", try a larger size. 

Head over to one of our Backpacker locations in Baton Rouge, LA and/or Lafayette, LA to try on a pack with a Backpacker Expert. In the near future you will be able to try on packs at our upcoming Northshore location located in Mandeville, LA. 

Step 4: Love Your Adventure 

Pack up, be safe, and Love Your Adventure! 

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