New shoe alert: On Cloudmonster 2

Monstrous comfort. Scary-good performance.

The new On Cloudmonster 2 has arrived!

Welcome to the next level of running performance with the New On Cloudmonster 2 for both Men and Women! Prepare to elevate your running experience with unparalleled cushioning, propulsion, and energy return. Engineered with the latest Monster CloudTec® technology, these road runners deliver a monster ride like no other, boasting the biggest CloudTec® ever for massive cushioning, mega bounce, and maximum energy. Experience an unmatched forward-rolling motion that propels you forward with every stride.

The Cloudmonster 2 is designed for maximum energy return, featuring an updated nylon-blend Speedboard® nestled within a dual-density Helion™ superfoam midsole. This innovative construction ensures softer landings, enhanced impact absorption, and increased energy return, providing you with powerful take-offs and irresistible momentum on your road runs. But that's not all - sustainability is at the heart of this design, with mesh upper made from 100% recycled polyester and an overall recycled content of 24%, making each step a sustainable one.

With a maximum cushion level and a forward-rolling road running style, these shoes are perfect for dedicated runners seeking everyday performance. Whether you're hitting the pavement for a leisurely jog or pushing your limits in a competitive race, the Cloudmonster 2 is your ultimate companion for adventure and performance. So lace up, embrace the thrill of the run, and let the Cloudmonster 2 take you on a journey like never before.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 295g
  • Biggest-ever CloudTec® for mega cushioning and max energy
  • Nylon blend Speedboard® for momentum and powerful take-offs
  • Forward-rolling, massive propulsion
  • Reworked dual-density Helion™ superfoam adds bounce
  • Everyday road running
  • Dedicated runner

Materials & Transparency:

  • Recycled content: Total recycled content: about 24%
  • Total polyester: about 82% recycled
  • Supplier Transparency: Dean Shoes and Diamond, Vietnam

Experience the thrill of the run with the New On Cloudmonster 2 - where adventure meets performance in every step. Unlock your potential and conquer the road with confidence.