The Backpackers' Mt. Sneaux Day 2023

The Backpackers' Mt. Sneaux Day 2023

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Stop by one of our three locations for our annual Mt. Sneaux Day where we will have real snow, exclusive in store only deals, smores and hot beverages!

Where Baton Rouge Store Lafayette Store Northshore Store
When November 24th  November 24th  November 24th 
Time 10AM 4PM 10AM

The Backpackers' Louisiana Sneaux Day is an unconventional adventure that challenges the norm of traditional holiday celebrations. While most people are indulging in Thanksgiving leftovers or diving into the shopping frenzy of Black Friday, participants in this event are gearing up for an extraordinary day filled with fun and excitement.

Unlike traditional hiking or mountain climbing, the adventure on this day involves creating a mountain of snow right in the heart of Louisiana. The chosen locations for this unique event are Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and Mandeville, where snow is brought in, transforming the usually balmy Louisiana landscape into a winter wonderland.

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