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While there's certainly no shortage of outdoor brands to choose from, AFTCO reaches above the curve with comfort, quality, and flexibility in all their lines. Imagine loading your boat/car/cooler full of gear without the confined feeling you may experience in similar brands; AFTCO provides just the right amount of give in their clothing without compromising fit. Known for creating the first pair of true fishing shorts, the invention of the "roller guide", as well as revolutionizing conservation feats(a 10% Pledge to Protect and Conserve with each purchase), this brand is impressive, to say the least.

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AFTCO Captains Lounge Stretch Swim Trunk - Men's Aftco
Aftco Captains Lounge Stretch Swim Trunk - Men's
  • $49.00
Midnight / MED Aftco Men's Captain Swim Trunks Aftco
Aftco Captain Swim Trunks - Men's
  • $40.00