5 Tips for Booking an Affordable Ski Trip

Ski and snowboard vacations are so much fun, but there are a lot of factors to include when planning your next vacation. Backpacker Tours wants you to LOVE your next adventure, feel confident traveling- all while at a fair price. The same principles apply to planning a ski trip as any other vacation, and there are traps along the way that can be avoided with good guidance. Our experts will make sure that your next ski trip is stress-free, and won’t break the bank- even at the top winter destinations.

1. Book Early: Don’t Wait and Miss the Best Deals of the Season

The best tip for planning your ski trip is to know that booking early gets you the best condos at the best rates. As time goes on, the pricing will go up and the ideal flight & condo options will disappear. Another benefit to booking early is that you only have to pay a deposit, giving you more time to pay off your trip. You might think that if you delay then you can get last minute deals, but you’ll have to pay in full and will be left to choose from the leftover packages. The early bird gets the worm.

2. Max Out Your Condo

To get the most out of your stay we recommend booking a condo with the max capacity the same size as your family or group. Don't be afraid to call your best friends to split a condo for a week of fun, it will keep the kids super entertained too! Splitting a larger condo between two families can be the most cost effective. Ski condos are meant for little ones to crash on the sofa. If you’d rather your own space, don't hesitate to put your family of 4 into a 1 BR condo either- the kids are going to be so exhausted after a fun day of skiing they won't care where they crash!

3. Be Flexible

If your schedule is flexible and you are not set on a specific destination, you will have the best opportunity for a good deal. Certain times of the ski season are more popular to book, which can drive prices up. New Years, President’s Day, and spring break can be a pricier time to travel. January is typically the least expensive time of the year, so keep that in mind when picking your vacation dates. Timing is everything!

4. Plan the Entire Trip at Once

Nothing hurts more than paying double for something because you didn’t know to plan for it in advance. This is especially true for lift tickets & ski lessons. If you wait to buy them when you arrive then the prices will be marked up significantly. You should also be sure to read all of the fine print when booking airfare. The price may seem cheap, but they will find a way to charge you for the little things: luggage, in-flight snacks or drinks- you name it.

5. Ski In/Ski Out is a Luxury- Not a Necessity

Everyone gets stumped here because their friends told them "you have to stay ski-in/ski-out!" This is not true. There are tons of great options that are a short walk or shuttle ride away from the slopes. I have had plenty of fantastic trips (with big savings) staying in condos that have amazing on-call drivers to take you to and from the ski area. It's so easy! We can help you find the perfect property at any budget.