5 TIPS for Booking an Affordable Ski Trip

Ski & snowboard vacations are so much fun- I've never heard anyone say that they didn't have a great time, especially families! When planning, the same principals apply to ski trips as any other family vacation – there are traps along the way that are easily avoidable with good guidance. At Backpacker Tours we want you to LOVE your next adventure, feel confident traveling, and all at a fair price.  Thankfully there are plenty of ways to enjoy your next ski trip without breaking the bank at top winter destinations.

Here are 5 tips we recommend for making your dollar go further this season.

1) Don't wait - Early Birds Win the Best Deals and Access

A good rule of thumb when planning ski travel is to know that as time goes on the pricing will go up and options will become limited.  Timely flights and preferred lodging start to disappear the longer you wait.  Some resorts will even require reservations for lift ticket access & ski shop rentals this year, so you need to be prepared early.

2) Max out your condo

Get the most out of your lodging by booking a condo with the max capacity the same size as your family.  Ski condos are meant for little ones to crash on the sofa.  Don't hesitate to put your family of 4 into a 1 BR condo - the kids are going to be so exhausted after a fun day of skiing they won't care where they crash!

3) Travel with Your Friends & Family!

Splitting a larger condo between two families can be so cost effective!  Three and four bedroom condos typically cost less per head than a one or a two bedroom when all of the space is used. Don't be afraid to call your best friends to split a condo for a week of fun, it will keep the kids super entertained too! This can save you up to 20% - 30% per person!

4) Plan the Entire Trip at Once

Don't get tricked into cheap airfare and no checked bags, or an old condo that you think is close to the ski area but actually 30 minutes away. One way or another, they are going to get you if you don't consider every angle and plan everything out in advance! Nothing hurts more than paying double for something because you didn't know to plan for it in advance.  This is especially true for lift tickets and ski lessons, don't wait until you're there to pay more when you know you're going to need them.

5) Ski In / Ski Out is a Luxury - Not a Necessity

Everyone gets stumped here because their friends said "you have to stay ski-in/ski-out!" They are wrong. There are tons of great options that are a short walk or shuttle ride away.  I have had plenty of fantastic trips (with big savings) staying in condos that have fantastic on-call drivers to take you to the slopes. It's so easy!  We can help you find the perfect property for you and your budget.