“Catching the Moment- Using GoPro for Kayak Fishing”

“Catching the Moment- Using GoPro for Kayak Fishing” by Bill Crawford

I’m not one to take photos on a fishing trip.  I just get too immersed in the moment.   But as a blogger I am expected to have photos.  First, I tried mounting a traditional camera but moving it around and stopping the action to take pictures just wasn’t natural for me.

I had no idea how much a good wide angle lens and a remote control would change my opportunities to capture my trips to share.


The Backpacker has the perfect camera for this in the Go Pro Hero.  It’s a great tool and as you can see below, I’m getting pictures that puts you right into the action!



Article by Reverend Bill Crawford of Team Backpacker and 2014 Wilderness Systems Fishing Team Ambassador.