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Going Above and Beyond: The Backpacker Welcomes their 2016 Fishing Team

By Captain Casey Brunning

When it comes to Louisiana and kayak fishing, there are a few names that go hand and hand that have been together since the sport,s inception into the world of organization, non profits, and giving back to the community. Over the years the sport of kayak fishing has grown into a worldwide epidemic that has swept a bug into the veins of veterans, youths, newbies, and experienced anglers alike.  While I would love to say that kayaking all started in Louisiana, we all know that wouldn’t be true. What I can say is that without the partnership of The Backpacker and the Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club, our sport would likely not be as strong as it is today in the state of Louisiana.

When Bayou Coast was founded, The Backpacker was the sole sponsor of the club and has been their “big tournament” backer ever since, and they continue to be the largest sponsor for Bayou Coasts’ Paddlepalooza and FallnTide tournaments. It’s a combination that goes together like rod and reel.

The Backpacker is the kind of store you’re happy to take your family in to.  They have a laid back atmosphere with a store full of employees that aren’t just there to collect to paycheck.  They are a family who works in a field around the hobbies they are passionate about it.  At some point in our lives, we all look back and contemplate about working a job in a field that we love. Well, these men and women do that, whether it’s climbing, backpacking, snow skiing, camping, kayaking, canoeing, or just preparing for anything outdoors, The Backpacker has someone in house that will help guide you through your next adventure, lifestyle change, or trip of a lifetime.  If I had to describe The Backpacker in a two second commercial clip it would be cut and dry and straight to the point, “We do LIFE”.

When it comes to kayaking and kayak fishing, there isn’t a team out there like what The Backpacker has built.  From guiding marsh tours and fishing trips to safety and fishing seminars and demos days to get people acclimated to the sport, this team is top notch.  In true leadership fashion, The Backpacker Team is involved in more than just education, they are also well respected in tournament scenes across the country as well as leaders within the Bayou Coast community holding positions from coordinators up to president.  The guys that make up Team Backpacker, give it all for nothing.  It’s a group of selfless individuals that make sure to always put the greater good of the sport and others before themselves.  With the 2016 year just around the corner I am honored to introduce the following members of The Backpacker 2016 Team.

Backpacker Fishing Team Tommy Eubanks

Tommy Eubanks is known as tefishmaster on the BCKFC forum, fishes out of a Hobie Pro Angler 14, has held positions of President, tournament director, executive committee member, and is currently serving as Vice President. He has many top 10 tournament finishes under his belt from winning Paddlepalooza and FallnTide several times to qualifying for the Hobie Worlds and is also a member of the Hobie Fishing Team.

Backpacker Fishing Team Todd Lewis

Todd Lewis is known as Yak-a-Lou on the BCKFC forum, he fishes from a 2016 Hobie Outback, has held past positions of Tournament Director, Secretary, and is currently in his second year as President, he has been a Hobie Fishing Team member since 2011, is a former Wildlife and Fisheries Agent, the weigh master at all BCKFC sanctioned events and has been fishing from a kayak since they were carved out of wood.

Backpacker Fishing Team Eric Fey

Eric Fey is known as E-Money on the BCKFC forum, he fishes from a Hobie Pro Angler 14, is a Hobie Team fishing member, and runs a blog at

Backpacker Fishing Team Craig Brown

Craig Brown is known as TigerEye2 on the BCKFC forum, he fishes out of a Hobie Outback, has held past office of Sponsorship Coordinator and is currently the Tournament Director for Paddlepalooza and FallnTide, he has been fishing from a kayak for 4 years and runs a blog at

Bill Crawford is known as RevRedfish on the BCKFC forum, he fishes out of a Wilderness ATAK kayak, has held a past office of Sponsorship Coordinator and has been fishing from a kayak for 10+ years and is an ordained minister in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and can be found at

Backpacker Fishing Team Casey Brunning

Casey Brunning is known as Hookn1 on the BCKFC forum, fishes out of a Hobie Outback and Pro Angler 14, has held past office of Assistant Tournament Director and Tournament Director, has been kayaking for 12+ years, has several tournament wins and top 5 finishes in local and national events, he runs a blog a and is a member of the Hobie Fishing Team.

The experience and knowledge that this team has within it is amazing and they are all happy to help at the drop of a dime. Feel free to reach out to any of them on the forum or simply swing into The Backpacker and they will be happy to help you track them down, you can also find them roaming the local tournament scenes, demo days, and seminars that take place throughout the year at your local Backpacker establishment.

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“Going Above and Beyond: The Backpacker Welcomes their 2016 Fishing Team”