Articles for September 2015

sunrise over golden meadow

Silence in the Wilderness

Many of us who enter into the world of Kayak Angling come to it for the practice of silence.  Or at least what feels like silence in comparison to our busy daily lives.  That silence or perhaps quiet stills our inner being.  It lifts us to new heights and invigorates and informs our regular noisy lives.  OK I’m waxing a bit philosophical but silence is golden is it not?  This is also true on the fishing life.   Silence wins.

I’ve always known that but recently a trip to a rare fresh water tournament really hammered the point home.  Noise can disturb fish.  It runs them off and a redfish just feet away from your kayak will hear every bump and clink.  I had no idea how much this is magnified when fishing for bass where there are hills and even mountains to bounce back every sound the noise of a dropped pair of pliers was deafening.  I was sure I had started an avalanche.


But there is a tool to combat this noise and you can get it right here on the site.  Wilderness Systems Silent Traction System.

silent traction

Its amazing stuff I have it on my tour boat and my two boats for guiding now and it makes a world of difference.

sunrise over golden meadow

Remember the quiet of nature restores your spirit but the quiet of your kayak is golden!

Bill Crawford (aka RevRedfish) is a former Wilderness Systems Ambassador and has served on the Backpacker Fishing Team for 3 years.