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Our Favorite Backpacker Gear for a Day on the Water

“Our Favorite Backpacker Gear for a Day on the Water”

Here are a few things that some of us may forget before we head out onto the water.

Whether you are casting for those big reds or just enjoying a boat ride, sun protection is crucial keeping you from becoming a burnt crawfish at the end of the day.

Check out the Buff UV neck gaiter, if you opt out of a wide, brimmed hat. Plus Costa and Smith sunglasses have you covered and are still stylish , both offering various models for any taste.

Tyler with his Buff   Sunglasses and Longsleeves

Long sleeves are in! They are not just for cold weather anymore.

The North Face, Patagonia, Southern Marsh, and Exofficio are just a few brands that are quick drying, offer UPF ratings from 15-50 for sun protection, and will keep you going by evaporation cooling.

Long sleeves all Around   Fishing with Sun Protection   Longsleeves in the Sun

With all that time in the sun, you will want to stay hydrated.

Store all your favorite beverages in the AO Backpack, which will keep your ice and beverages chilled for days.This American made, soft sided cooler can hold 18 cans (plus ice) and is guaranteed not to leak.

AO Backpack   Ease of Motion with the AO Backpack

Of course you never know what the weather may hold confirming the old saying, “Want the weather in Louisiana to change? Just wait a few minutes!”

Packable rain jackets will not only keep you super dry, but will also offer wind protection as well.

Rain shells in the Lightning   Marmot Precip

Lastly, you will want to record those amazing moments!

GoPro cameras are the answer due to their durability and their wide assortment of mounts allowing you to go everywhere!


GoPro Time   GoPro withstanding the limits   anthony fish

Be safe, and we will see you on the water!

Written by Anthony Arabie, Store Manager of Backpacker at Bocage in Baton Rouge. 

Great Time at Ride the Bull 5

“Great Time at Ride the Bull 5″ by Bill Crawford

It was a blast getting out to Ride the Bull 5 in Grand Isle and it was all the more fun because of time spent with Pro Staff and representatives from Wilderness Kayaks:

Evan Lyendecker from Confluence Watersports joined in the crowd (center dusk colored Ride)
Pro Staff from around the region showed up

It was also a pleasure (as usual) to spend some time with the team of sales professionals from The Backpacker (and I mean that)!

DCIM100MEDIASo, Ride the Bull is the world’s largest Kayak Fishing Tournament and it’s known to be a mix of Tail Gating, Fishing, and Woodstock.  I think the Woodstock is a bit “hopeful” but it is a very diverse group of people with a very from all over the kayaking spectrum.

Now it wasn’t all fun and games, we were up before the sun getting set up for this event:


but I have to say it was one of the coolest launches I’ve seen in 8 years of kayak tournament fishing:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI probably had the best time just mixing it up with one stream of anglers:


I really should have taken more pictures but there were a fleet of orange ride 135’s (one is in the background here) from the local Navy base, there were new boats, there were really old fiberglass kayaks, there were handmade kayaks, there was even a guy with a boat made out of plastic, wood strips, and duct tape!

There were State Supreme Court Justices (well one) and there were 12 year old kids with parents nervously riding the dock, all hoping and wishing that they would be fishing for the big prize.  Finally one young girl beat them all.  Truly amazing.

Next year you should join in but first get yourself outfitted with a kayak and gear at the Backpacker!

Bill Crawford (aka RevRedfish) is a Wilderness Systems Fishing Ambassador and a member of Team Backpacker.  Rev was on hand for Ride the Bull 5 in Grand Isle, Louisiana on August 16th, 2014.