Graduation season is here, and we know the pressure is on to give these new graduates a gift that will make an impression- and not put a hole in your wallet.  We've compiled a list of our favorite items for $50 or less.  You can rest easy because these gift ideas are sure to inspire grads to #geauxoutthere and make some memories!


1. Yeti Rambler$24.99- $29.99

Yeti Rambler 20

*Select items now on sale and in limited edition colors

Buy a Yeti Rambler Now


2. Patagonia Lightweight Travel Mini Hip Pack, $29

Patagonia Hip Pack

Buy a Patagonia Mini Hip Pack Now


3. Freaker USA Coozie, $11

Freaker Coozie

Buy a Freaker Coozie Now


4. Grand Trunk Ultra Light Hammock, $29.99

Grand Trunk Hammock 2

Buy a Grand Trunk Ultra Light Hammock Now


5. Reef Flip Flops, $26-$40

Women Reef Flip Flops

Women's Escape Lux $26 and Escape Lux Patterned  $28 

Men’s Contoured Cushion Flip Flop $40


6. Fish Hippie Trucker Hat, $25

Fish Hippie Trucker Hat

Buy a Fish Hippie Truck Hat Now


7. Pelican Parish Supply Co. Teeshirt, $30

Pelican Parish Tee

Buy a Pelican Parish Teeshirt Now


8. Chaco Wrist Wrap, $10

Chaco Wrist

Buy a Chaco Wrist Wrap Now


9. Backpacker Gift Card

BP giftcard

Buy a Backpacker Gift Card Now


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