How To Choose the Right Backpack for your Backpacking Trip


Planning to go on an adventure can be exciting, but make sure you are well-prepared or the trip can turn into a disaster very quickly. Here are the top 10 things you need to know before choosing a backpack on your next adventure.

1) Decide what you need to carry
Choosing your gear before you purchase a backpack can help you with making sure you have the right one. Some backpacks are designed to carry all of your gear, while others are meant to be lightweight and as a secondary unit of travel. Decide if you want your backpack to carry the entire load, or just some of your gear.

2) Understand the features that are available
Some backpacks have features that you may not need, such as a separate sleeping bag compartment, trekking pole holders, water bottle holders, etc. Understand that each backpack is made differently, and if you are tired of carrying around that extra gear, search out a backpack that can do the work for you.

3) Know your body type
Many backpacks are designed to fit a specific body type so choose wisely. Women-specific, youth-sized and men's backpacks will all conform to your body type so that you can carry the load comfortably and for a long period of time. Choose a pack that will give you the convenience of padded straps and load distribution for the safest pack on the trail.

4) Weight really does matter
Many backpacks are designed to hold everything but are made of lightweight, ergonomic materials so you can tackle that trail and feel like you don't have anything on your back. These backpacks sometimes give up some capacity, but if you do your research, you can find one that carries all of your gear and still feels like you are trekking on your own.

5) Style is not always about color
So many colors to choose from and so many unique combinations! We love that most of the newer model backpacks come in an assortment of colors, from bright, neon colors to subdued earthy hues, masculine to feminine. You can set your own style on the trail.

6) How long are you going to be away?
Choose your backpack by the length of time that you will need to use it. Some are crafted for just an overnight trip, while others are made for extended multi-day adventures, all with unique features so you don't have to worry about hauling your gear.

7) It's all about the frame
Frame choice can be and easy decision. Internal frames give you body-hugging packs that distribute the load evenly, while external frames provide organization and ventilation for heavy, irregular loads.

9) Speaking of ventilation...
You'll need to know about ventilation when it comes to backpacks, too. With the pack riding close to your body, your level of ventilation needs to be considered to keep you comfortable in the hot, summer heat.

10) Can you reach your stuff?
And the best part of choosing a backpack is finding all of those hidden pockets and organizational storage compartments that are functional and roomy, and give you the ability to find your sunglasses at a moment's notice when you reach the top of that mountain. Select a backpack that has easy access, front pockets, zippers, and side mesh storage so you can find what you need quickly and easily.

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